Planning an event is hard work, but finding the right catering service that will serve your guests the perfect food for the event can be even harder. Whether you’re a professional event organizer planning huge corporate events or an employee planning a small cohesion party, here are five practical tips to find the right corporate catering service.


  1. Research the caterer’s specialty
  2. Before you hire a catering service for your event, do a search on their specialty. While catering services are capable of handling many kinds of events, there are certain events that one catering service can handle better than another. Take into consideration the scale of your event, type of event, the estimated number of attendees, and demographics of your audience. When searching for the ideal caterer, it’s important to be specific on the kind of event you want to hold and the type of food and presentation you are looking for.

  3. Check their track records
  4. Checking the catering provider’s track record is also important as this will help you gauge how well the catering service manages its events. Asking for references or testimonials from previous clients and searching online for reviews and ratings will help you get a better idea of the caterer’s ability to manage events properly and effectively. Reaching out to previous clients personally and getting a personal comment is another good way to know how efficient the catering service is.

  5. Check on the team strength
  6. Knowing their specialty and track record is not enough when choosing the best catering service; the number of staffs and available personnel is also important. Depending on the event, you need to make sure that the caterer you engage is able to cater to the number of guests. Cocktail events, especially those that requires cocktail butler services, usually require more staffs than sit down dinner events; likewise, food preparation is also more tedious compared to sit down dinners.


  7. Flexibility to customize
  8. International corporate events have all sorts of guests from all over the world. Thus different preferences are welcomed when it comes to food. Since most catering services have fixed packages that may limit your food choices, hiring a catering service that has a customizable menu will give you an edge in ensuring your guests are well-fed and feel at home. Run your menu ideas with the caterer and go for one who can accommodate customization of the menu to the way you prefer.

  9. Healthier Options / Special Dietary Requirements (Vegan-only dishes, less salt, etc.)
  10. When handling a corporate event, it is important to look out for your guests’ needs. It is not surprising to have special dietary requirements highlighted before the event. A good and well-experienced catering service provided will definitely accommodate these special requests when required.

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