Apart from the wedding ceremony, one important component of a wedding is the reception. It’s a celebration of love between the bride and groom and the coming together of two families. Along with every other detail in planning the dream wedding, food plays a crucial part. Here are four foolproof tips to select the right caterer for your big day.

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1. Know your budget
It’s important that you set a budget before you start approaching wedding caterers. Keep in mind the type of reception you want as well as the number of people you will be inviting. This will make it easier for you to search for a venue and to compare proposals.

Wedding catering includes high tea reception, standing cocktail reception, or a lunch/dinner reception. Opt for sit-down lunch or dinner to provide more comfort for your guests or choose buffet style catering for a more casual ambiance. This will vary in cost so doing some research and knowing your style will help greatly. By settling this early on, potential wedding caterers can come up with a good proposal to fit your budget.

2. Take note of how responsive they are
How they communicate with you before signing the deal is a good indicator of how they would respond to you afterwards. As much as food is the primary component to any catering company, how the coordinators treat their clients will also be a big deal on the wedding day. If a company is slow in getting back to you or isn’t willing to meet you halfway, it’s probably best to look for another alternative.

3. Flexibility with menu choices
If you are expecting a lot of guests, choosing a caterer that can suit your budget and distinctive palate is a must. Most caterers have fixed packages which may limit your choices. Go for one who is open and willing to discuss further based on your dietary requirements. Alternatively, pick one who allows the option to customize your menu the way you prefer.

4. Choose one who is willing to provide food tastings
Food plays an important role on your wedding day. The last thing you would want to worry on the actual day is the food quality. It is crucial to select a caterer you can trust. A trustworthy caterer is usually willing to conduct a food tasting session prior to the wedding day so you can have an ease of mind on the actual day.

church wedding

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